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The Slave Trade Tour

In the 16th century, Zanzibar Island was a hub for the trade in African slaves. On this tour, you will visit the monuments since erected in memoriam to the many that lost their freedom and their lives in this despicable enterprise.

This tour will start in Kelele Square, you will walk through the enchanting alleys of Stone Town to the house of the famous trader Tippu Tip. You will then be taken to Mkunazini, the largest slave market where slaves were cruelly treated before being auctioned.

Dr. David Livingstone campaigned for the abolition of slavery and the trade which cause incalculable human suffering. You will visit his house on your tour, and witness where this legend of history lived on Zanzibar Island.

Maruhubi Ruins, famous for the Arab Sultan being entertained by no less than 99 naked slave women in what used to be a luxurious palace.

The last stop of this tour is Mangapwani Chamber, where the slaves were kept chained, waiting for the slave vessels to transport them to countries all over the world.

At the end of the tour, we can return you to your hotel, take you to another of Zanzibar's famous experiences or recommend an excellent place for lunch. Just let us know what you prefer.


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