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Mwajabu Sultan
Sales & Marketing - Tanzania Mwangaza

About Us

Tanzania Mwangaza is a local company founded by experienced members of the travel industry. When it comes to high-end safari planners, insider knowledge and impeccable organize skills are standard. What separates the great Tanzania Mwangaza from the rest, We have a solid base in customer satisfaction strategies and operation management as a whole. So expecting no slacks when your in Tanzania Mwangaza hands.

Whether you want inspiration or information, you will find plenty of it right here. And you can count on the most up-to-date news and insights because we don’t just love Tanzania we live here, when someone thinks of Africa, he will probably thinking about Tanzania. It is in this beautiful country in East Africa that some of the continents most vivid images come to life, snow-capped Kilimanjaro, rhinos standing proud in Ngorongoro Crater and Wildebeest herds crossing a full of crocodiles in the Serengeti Plains.

Tanzania Mwangaza also home of Zanzibar, an island with some, if not the best beaches in the world, along with the beautiful and intriguing Swahili towns and ruins.This way , you can enjoy not only Tanzania safari holiday, but also beach vacations in an exotic destination.

If you want to get to know us, talk to us, don’t be shy if you are a long way off from making a booking- we want to hear what excites you about going on safari. Being good listener is at the heart of our old school approach to service. If we take to get to know you, we can tailor-make your vacation,filling it with extraordinary experiences and personal touches.

As an experienced tour operator, we personalize our safaris according to our customers’ tastes and needs. Tanzania Mwangaza combines luxury, style services, and authenticity to provide a unique, exciting adventure and an unforgettable experience. Our itineraries showcase properties that meet our high standards and expectations in terms of both quality and service. All of our safaris and climbs are conducted by talented, responsible and caring guides. In addition, safari travel is always in a comfortable 4x4 safari vehicles,often combined with internal flights to cut down on driving time.


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Tel: +255 (0)713 482 526 | Email: reservations@mwangazasafaris.co.tz 
P.O.Box 68970, Dar es salaam, Tanzania.